Cricket Gets Handsy


The first time E.V. purposefully grabbed an item, I was absent. I swear I had left her side a total of maybe two minutes in the few months of her life leading up to this particular milestone, so I’ll never forget that feeling when I received the phone call from Ryan. He had graciously offered to watch Emma Vance while I ran to the grocery store (which was all of 100 yards from our neighborhood), and as soon as I pulled into the parking lot, my phone rang: “She’s grabbing the frog! She’s grabbing the frog!” {insert tears} Seriously?!? How could I miss a milestone? I’ve been gone like 30 SECONDS! Go figure. That’s what I get for being alone for once!

With Cricket, however, I feel totally redeemed because I was definitely there for her first “grab.” Ironically, it was the same frog hanging from the same playmat that caught her eye. Isn’t God funny like that? Everyday, around 7 in the evening, Cricket gets the almost-ready-for-bed-but-not-quite antsy-ness, and the cure is to let her have tummy and playmat time. I love to lay on the floor with her and entertain her for that hour before slumber, and when she started grabbing at the plastic frog hanging over her one night, I thought I was seeing things! Honestly, these past three months have flown by so quickly that I didn’t even realize it was time for this milestone to be reached! She’s growing up so quickly, and I’m not ready! I’m soaking in every second of her babyhood, but I just can’t seem to slow it down enough. :(

Kit’s first grab was a week or so ago, and since then, she’s been eager to get her hands on anything within reach. Whether it’s her pajamas, a blanket, a toy or part of a playmat, she’s honing in her grabbing skills at lightning speed! This is the first milestone where she’s taking control of her environment, so it’s fun to watch what objects she’s interested in — and how good or bad she thinks they taste! ;) My little girl’s got great coordination already and is quite the handsy little lady!

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