Cricket Mornings


This is one of those phases in life that is crazy busy, but every so often, when there’s a moment to breathe, it’s good to remember to slow down and take it all in before it’s over. Emma Vance was in day camp these past two weeks (which she LOVED), meaning that my mornings were free. Okay, so “free” is a relative term, but “toddler-free” means “free” in the mom world. We got into a nice groove around here, mornings spent packing lunches and tying shoelaces and such. Although the drive to school + drop off + the return trip took up a chunk of time in the morning and in the afternoon, in between I was afforded a few hours to myself…or rather, to ourselves.

I love having a newborn. Before E.V. was born, I thought it would be the worst phase, but they’re so snuggly and warm and sleepy in those first few months that it overrides the sleepless nights and nursing boredom. My biggest anxiety and regret thus far after having Cricket has been that I can’t devote myself fully to her like I was able to with Emma Vance; it’s just not reality with two kids. But, oh how I love my little Cricket! I could just sit and talk with her for hours (she’s a cooer!), rocking her and snuggling her. So, finally, these past two weeks, I was able to have some good alone time with her. They came to be known as my “Cricket Mornings,” and they were heavenly.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there were rooms to be cleaned, dishes to be washed, errands to be run and second-birthday-party crafts to be worked on during those morning hours as well, but my time was still so precious with Cricket. It was calm and quiet around the house, and my little side kick was able to be at my feet while those tasks were accomplished. We laughed and smiled and talked; I narrated the day’s activities while she looked on with her big, curious eyes; she dozed and dreamed without a toddler constantly poking and prodding her. We bonded during those Cricket Mornings, and I’m going to miss them. Don’t get me wrong, E.V. brings life and laughter and fun to our day, but it was nice to have a bit of alone time to give Cricket the singular attention she deserves for once.

E.V. had such a good time at camp (and I loved that she was being social and doing enriching activities like music and art) that I even tried to sign her up with another church’s VBS for this upcoming week. (The 2s class was full. Darn.) Although it seems that our Cricket Mornings are over and that those quiet mornings spent with my littlest little, allowing her to blossom without the boisterous shadow of her big sister looming over her, are over, I’m reminded that E.V. will be in preschool two days a week this year. If I was ecstatic enough about that before, I sure am now! :)

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