Cricket’s First Birthday — and the Aftermath


Sometimes I just sit down to write whatever comes out of my brain at the time, and sometimes I have a post in mind; over the years I’ve found that it’s often the times I have a planned post that things go wrong and the original intention of the post gets superseded by something totally different. Today is one of those posts. ;)

The intention of this post was planned to center around “what Cricket did on her first birthday.” We had a wonderful time celebrating with our friends and family at her party on Saturday, but her real birthday was yesterday. Truthfully, it was a pleasant, calm day, which we really needed after all the party prep, execution and clean-up. We went to church (and visited the Birthday Bear, which Cricket was not impressed with) and then had a casual lunch with Ryan’s Aunt Shawn and Uncle Joe, who are in town from New York. We ran by the new house for a tour, and then everyone passed out for naps — including the grown ups and dogs! It was a gray, rainy day, which made for a perfect midday snooze. When Cricket woke up from her nap, we continued our family’s tradition of surprising our kids with balloons in their cribs and a blabla doll. (And the Apple Girl we got for Cricket’s first birthday was a huge hit; the girls have been doting on her nonstop!) After that we had dinner with Ryan’s family at a local Southern restaurant and topped off the meal with pie. Mmmm.

Overall, Cricket’s first birthday was great — but the aftermath, not so much. As I was sifting through the pictures of Cricket after her nap, I realized how SWOLLEN her eyes were; at the time I just thought she was still sleepy, but was I ever wrong! This morning she woke up with goopy, red, swollen eyes. Ugh. I HATE pink eye with a passion. In fact I hate only a few things in life, including and in certain order: lice, ticks, pink eye, fleas, mosquitoes. Seriously, it’s the worst. I have to assume she picked it up while at church, especially since E.V. (who is in another class) didn’t get it (yet). The most frustrating part of Cricket’s pink eye is that I am SO susceptible to contracting it; I feel like a dead man walking! ;) I dropped E.V. off at Ryan’s mom’s house today to play with Ryan’s family while I tended to Cricket, and about 10 seconds into the pediatrician’s evaluation, she was like, “Yup. That’s classic pink eye.” Ack. Cricket’s using drops, and I secretly stole a couple before I started administering them to her this morning in *hopes* of warding off any contamination. We’ve got 24 hours before she’s out of the uber-contagious stage, so I’m just crossing my fingers and hand-washing like crazy. Hopefully we’ll be able to get out of this bout of pink eye alive, so wish us luck! ;)

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