Aunt Shawn + Uncle Joe


This week was a big one in our little family’s life as we celebrated Cricket turning one. It was filled with special events and milestones, and I’ll never forget even one second of it. Plus, making her birthday even more memorable, we were fortunate enough to have Ryan’s aunt and uncle in town from New York to celebrate with us! We love love love Aunt Shawn and Uncle Joe and were so thrilled for Cricket to meet them for the first time this week. E.V. fell in love with Shawn and Joe when we visited their home back when I was pregnant, and when we told her they were coming, she kept talking about “the birds” (which she saw on their property over a year ago!). Emma Vance has been happy as can be this week spending time with Shawn and Joe, and Cricket has too (except for that whole pink eye thing, yeesh). Ryan and I are so blessed to call them family; they are selfless, kind, loving and wise. And fun. Did I mention fun? ;)

For once I wish I had taken more pictures, but between parties and birthdays and colds and pink eye — well, you get the idea. We did have brunch at Avalon today and managed to capture a few moments between them and the girls — including Emma Vance dancing down the sidewalks as they pumped music into the air. Ha! No surprises from my happy-go-lucky girl there! ;)

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