Cricket’s FIRST Haircut!

I don’t have much of an excuse other than to say that it’s been over three years since my last haircut (long hair + laziness = me), but today was Cricket’s FIRST haircut. Ever. At six years old.

And, to be honest, the only reason she even got a cut is because E.V. (who has had exactly two haircuts in her eight years) had been begging to chop her hair since the beginning of quarantine (which feels like one million years ago), and so Cricket quickly jumped on board. In fact, today after E.V.’s hair was dried and styled, Cricket’s asking for a “trim” went to full-on demanding a major chop pretty quickly. (And when Cricket was happy, dry and styled, the stylist looked at me and literally said, “I can’t let you leave here looking like that.” HA!)

So all three of us have fresh cuts post-quarantine today, and it feels great! I can’t wait until three more years pass so we can go again, haha! ;)

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