Happy Homeschool Graduation!

Well, we are officially DONE with homeschool! YAY!

Although it didn’t end how we would have preferred — with Cricket grinning and singing on stage with her class at kindergarten graduation — we survived the year, and that, my friends, is worth celebrating.

This morning we threw ourselves our own little homeschool graduation party to commemorate all the things this year has taught us: flexibility, endurance, understanding, adaptability…patience, haha! (And, of course, we threw a party because Cricket finished KINDERGARTEN!)

The girls prepped for the party by embellishing their tassels with beads, coming up with superlatives for one another, and and writing graduation speeches (yup!). I prepped by doing…pretty much everything else, haha! #motherhood

Since E.V. and Cricket were each the valedictorian of their respective classes (of one, haha), they each gave a speech and received a rainbow-yarn cord. I gave them instructions: Say something inspirational and then thank someone. E.V. decided to recite the pledge of allegiance, and Cricket pre-recorded her speech on my phone and then just stood on stage and played it back for us. (Gah. I love my funny kids!) Cricket’s superlative was “Class Clown,” and E.V., who had just minutes before graduation finished yet another book, received the “Book Worm” award. They both then officially walked across their (playroom) stage and received their diplomas. I have never been prouder. ;)

Afterward, the girls had dessert (rainbow fudge and school-mascot cookies and marshmallows and cupcakes), decorated their diploma folders (while Birdie fell asleep under the craft table) and then stuffed goodie bags to give to their friends (to spread the celebration).

Overall, it was a fun party and a great end to a not-so-great season. Now onto SUMMER!

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