Cricket’s Mom’s Moments 2018


I love spending time in my girls’ classrooms, and I am so grateful that our preschool give us moms a chance to sneak in and spend a morning with our littles each year.

This year, Cricket was all about decorating our succulent planter and taking selfies (go figure), but the memory I will hold onto most from this year’s Mom’s Moments had nothing to do with the actual event.

We had just finished playing with play dough and were in the blocks center, making a house for a family of dolls. The little boy next to us stood up to grab some more materials, and when he spun around to deliver them, he tripped and landed on his knee, knocking off a giant scab. Cue the blood. His mom, a nurse thankfully, scooped him into her lap while I jumped up to grab some paper towels. Did I mention the blood? LOTS of blood. As the mom calmed the boy and the teacher scrambled for some bandages, I look over and see Cricket curled up into a fetal position, covering her ears. Her eyes are squeezed shut and she’s whispering, “No blood. No blood. No blood.” I don’t think she has a future in the medical field, do you? :)

It was a moment I’ll never forget. (Nor will I forget that Cricket told the teacher that I “wasn’t old at all” and that my favorite food is “salad.” I love this girl!)

IMG_0089IMG_0123 IMG_0090 IMG_0095 IMG_0102 IMG_0103 IMG_0110 IMG_0113 IMG_0115

Selfie time! Cricket is going to be the queen of social media one day, I’m sure.

IMG_1242-2 IMG_1247-2 IMG_1266-2 IMG_1267-2 IMG_1269-2

Oh, and this gem on the classroom walls. The instructions were to make a bug, but clearly Cricket is extra.


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