Spring Break in Chattanooga


Cricket’s lunch box is empty.”

Well, that’s not exactly the text you want to receive from your preschooler’s teacher.

I have to laugh when I think about it, though, because it perfectly sums up our re-entry to school post-Spring Break. I had accidentally grabbed an empty lunch box off the counter, and by the time I received the text, there was nothing I could do about it as I stared at Cricket’s untouched lunch box on the kitchen island. So she ate leftover Goldfish and applesauce for lunch (and survived). Truthfully that’s about where we are in these in-between, wishy-washy last few weeks of school life — eating makeshift meals and wishing our mom had remembered our lunch, figuratively and literally.

Needless to say that the forgotten lunch was the start of a rough week or two spent getting back to a routine after Spring Break. There have been a lot of moans and groans, snooze buttons hit, dreaded deadlines rushed toward (and forgotten lunches). Ryan traveled for a week and a half starting mid-break, leaving us girls to survive solo parenting at home. To maintain my sanity, I began gazing longingly at that lovely little season we call summer while simultaneously spinning my wheels trying to get there. Why did I schedule so many obligations between now and then? I blame overconfidence. And caffeine. It makes me feel invincible. ;)

So, in an effort to ground myself in April and not June, here’s a quick look at our mini-vacay to Chattanooga over Spring Break — a two-day jaunt as a full family of four filled with lots of ice cream and underground waterfalls and princesses in a city made of rocks. Sigh. Can we just go back to that responsibility-less escape from reality?

All hail the loooong weeks between Spring Break and summer vacation. May we all just simply survive them.

Ruby Falls

IMG_7880IMG_7909 IMG_7906 IMG_7908

Clumpie’s Ice Cream

IMG_9531 IMG_9533 IMG_9544 IMG_9554

Rock City’s Fairytale Nights

IMG_9566 IMG_9572IMG_9584 IMG_9580 IMG_9591 IMG_9602 IMG_9612 IMG_9614 IMG_9615 IMG_9621 IMG_9637 IMG_9645 IMG_9646 IMG_9654 IMG_9658 IMG_9663 IMG_9665 IMG_9679 IMG_9683 IMG_9689 IMG_9692

Continental Breakfast (haha!) and Swimming at the Hotel

IMG_9702 IMG_9704 IMG_9705 IMG_9708 IMG_9710

Chattanooga’s Children’s Museum

IMG_9718 IMG_9720 IMG_9725 IMG_9732 IMG_9737 IMG_9765 IMG_9781 IMG_9786 IMG_9792 IMG_9829

The Incline Railway

IMG_9867 IMG_9868IMG_9842 IMG_9853 IMG_9857 IMG_9858

One Last Clumpie’s Cone (for the road)

IMG_9880 IMG_9881

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