Cricket’s Newborn Photos!

0122Our awesome newborn photographer, Carrie Tabb, captured so many beautiful images of our little Cricket (and of our family) that I changed my mind about a bajillion times when choosing one for our baby announcement. Seriously, folks, she’s gooood, so if you’re in the Atlanta area and need a photographer, she’s your girl! I really wished I could just send a CD of images out to all our friends and family (Overly proud parent? Yes. Without shame, YES.), but since that would officially make me a stage mom, I figured I’d just share a few here.

A side thought on the whole newborn-photo thing: How cruel is it to make a new mom (with a just-had-a-baby belly and general swelling) pose in front of a camera less than a week after having popped out a kid? And, even more cruelly, pose for really cute, memorable pictures? The only thing worse would be to send her to the DMV — swollen face, dark circles, messy hair and all. ;) Oh, well. Memories, right? I suppose the best way to remember being an Awkward Pregnant Woman is by taking photographs as an Awkward New Mom?? At least the babies are always adorable… ;)

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  1. Sarah cherry rice
    June 6, 2014 / 11:52 am

    Too too cute! I just love the name cricket. Your family is adorable and you couldn’t have found a better photographer. Carrie is great and capturing these special moments.

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