Davis Turns One!

This seems to be the summer of birthdays for us, and each one has been a wonderful time to celebrate our friends’ little ones. It was so surreal to have so many babies born around the same time as E.V., and it’s taken a full year for the reality that these kids are actually growing up together┬áto set in–and what a fun reality it is!
The Saturday before we left for D.C. we celebrated Emma Vance’s friend, Davis’s, first birthday. My friend, Rachel, put together an awesome party with a sunny theme that suited Davis’s personality perfectly. :) It was full of bubbles, toys, balls, kids running around, fajitas and CAKE, so both E.V. and I were happy as could be. She explored the toys (including his unopened birthday gifts…oops), parked herself in the ball pit for a while, and followed her big girl friend, Kensleigh, around the festivities. We both had a blast (although I’m pretty sure Davis had the best time of all!), and E.V.whined as we packed up to leave. Don’t worry, little one, there will be more time to play with Mr. Davis–although I can’t promise there will be cake involved–well MAYBE there’ll be cake involved… ;)
(from behind the camera ;) )

(I’m a sucker for cute decor!!!)

Emma Vance usurped all available toys immediately…
…until she heard there were bubbles and a ball pit outside!
She got some quality time with the birthday boy in…
…and then Kensleigh arrived to play!

Looking up to the big girl (and begging for goldfish).
E.V. tested out Davis’s gifts, you know, just to make sure they were good enough for him. :)

(Thankfully Davis was willing to share the actual gifts. Ha!)
Cake time!

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