“Um, Mr. Bunny? Could you please stop covering up my outfit? Thanks.”

We saw the Easter Bunny!

I was debating whether or not to go at all, truthfully. I don’t think I went as a child, and, let’s be honest, he’s no Santa Claus. :) However, with Spring Break looming over us, I got nervous that I’d change my mind at the last minute and get stuck in a super long line, so we caved and went earlier this week. It was worth it because we had literally no wait. It’s an Easter miracle!

Side note: Is it just me or does this {ahem} particular Easter Bunny remind anyone else of the white rabbit from the old school Alice in Wonderland movie?

“We’ll take the cheapest package you have, please.” ;)
“Mom, is that Santa Claus?!?” Ummm…

(giving the EXACT same look that she gave Santa)

“Hey! Wait a minute! I thought I was supposed to get Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs out of this?”

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