E.V.’s 3rd Grade “Dream Job”

Although it’s officially Christmas Break (!!!), I just want to take a moment to celebrate this E.V.’s last big project of the semester.

This month E.V.’s class studied all about money — about currency and exchange and jobs and business. As a final project, the students were asked to research their dream jobs and present them to the class.

It was something they worked on in-school, so I didn’t know that E.V. had been preparing for her presentation until her¬†teacher sent an email about the kids dressing up. Immediately I assumed E.V. had chosen to be an author (a profession she’s been enamored with lately), but when I asked what her dream job was, she said…

“A camp counselor.”¬†(Or, rather, a “conseiller de camp” I suppose!)

Sign her up, Merri-Mac!

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