Easter Weekend 2018

Happy Easter! We have been in full spring swing around here as we celebrate Jesus!

Good Friday service? Stressful but wonderful! Getting a NORMAL picture of both girls? Also stressful and wonderful, haha!

IMG_9098 IMG_9100 IMG_9106 IMG_9114 IMG_9130 IMG_9144 IMG_9171

Saturday morning we went to an Easter Egg hunt at a local church, and, man, was it WINDY! The girls tied LOL Dolls to their baskets for good luck. (It must’ve worked because they were happy with their hauls.)

IMG_9188 IMG_9198 IMG_9207 IMG_9223 IMG_9229IMG_9261 IMG_9265

Across the street from the church is a local nursery + farm, so we wandered, played, petted animals, and bought some plants because it was so pretty out.

IMG_9286 IMG_9291IMG_9277 IMG_9315 IMG_9326 IMG_9337 IMG_9338 IMG_9345 IMG_9354 IMG_9366 IMG_9374 IMG_9383

(A little garden-variety ballet, get it?)


Sunday morning celebration at church (and a few more bunny-themed fashion choices, of course)

IMG_9409 IMG_9413 IMG_9415 IMG_9419 IMG_9420 IMG_9421

I planned on skipping Easter baskets this year, but the girls need their art stash replenished and some new rainboots, so two birds, one stone.

IMG_9399 IMG_9402 IMG_9407 IMG_9408 IMG_9442 IMG_9444 IMG_9446 IMG_9457

My LOL-obsessed ladies loved their knock-off, homemade purses (excuse the sewing, the whole craft cost me $6 + 2 hours, so no judgement!)

IMG_9462 IMG_9464 IMG_9469

Ryan’s mom invited us (including my dad) to Easter lunch out where Cricket drank syrup straight from the condiment cup. #easter

IMG_9477 IMG_9478

Happy Easter!

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