Emerson’s First Birthday

What’s a first birthday without a baby face covered in cake? :)

Seriously, folks, June is crammed with birthday festivities for us!

When our dear friends, the Engerts, found out they were expecting last fall, I remember being so excited for them. It was that kind of deep-down-to-your-toes excitement, as if we were the ones who were having a baby. When only two weeks later we got an unexpected positive pregnancy test, you can imagine our surprise–and theirs! In fact, I had nonchalantly decided to take the test right before Joe and Danielle were picking us up for dinner, and Ryan and I were in such disbelief from the results that I was holding the half-dozen positive tests in my hand when they walked in. That night I’m pretty sure I said about two words during dinner due to shock. In June of 2012, Emerson Engert and Emma Vance Shove arrived 15 days apart, and after nine months of empathetic conversations and a whole year of “firsts,” I honestly can say that I couldn’t have asked for a better friend to wade through first-pregnancy and new-mom woes together with than Danielle.

The Engerts are now living in Washington D.C., but came back into town to host Emerson’s birthday party for their families and Atlanta friends. Emma Vance was excited for her friend-since-conception’s big party, and it was an awesome party with tasty food, lovely decorations, good friends and (most importantly) a SMASH CAKE! Emerson’s real birthday was June 12th (which ironically was the day Danielle chose in her own due-date pool!), so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little friend!

E.V.: “Um, can I have some cake, Emerson?”
Instead of cake, E.V. had her first taste of Goldfish…
…which she loved…

…until a piece of paper caught her eye…
…and apparently tasted even better than Goldfish. :/

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