Last night around 11 p.m., Emma Vance howled in her sleep. It was a nightmare–and apparently a very bad one at that! As I scooped her up, she still cried out while half-asleep. Ryan and the dogs followed me into the nursery, and upon hearing her dada’s voice, E.V. reached out to be comforted by her protector. (And, then, of course, when she needed to be rocked back to sleep chose the comfort of Mom to have for the job. Go figure!) It made my heart a little warm, and then a little sad. What if Ryan hadn’t been there? I would’ve sufficed, but I’m no replacement for Dada.

And then this morning I remembered: E.V. has Oscar. When Ryan travels, we always joke about Oscar being “the man of the house,” and although we aren’t being serious, there is some truth to that statement. Oscar and Olive watch over E.V., and Oscar in particular has a lot of concern over Emma Vance’s every move. This morning as Emma Vance climbed messily all over Oscar, hugging him, petting him, laying her head down on his chest, I thought to myself that even in Ryan’s absence, she has a furry little guy who loves her, who will protect her from monsters, who will come to her rescue when she cries.

I have this secret hope in my heart that when Emma Vance moves to a big girl bed that Oscar will sleep at the end of it, being nearby enough each night to fend off those bad dreams. Until then, though, Mom and Dad will have to do. :)

E.V. crawling all over Oscar, who only minds a little bit…
…and both of them being exhausted from playing ball together. :)
Olive, precious Olive…

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