EMMA adVANCEd (18 Month Dr. Appt.)


(At what point can you officially call a head of hair a “mane?” Because I’m fairly certain we’re on the brink of mane-dom over here!)

Today we officially have a one-and-a-half year old in our family! Yay! (Saying, “She’s 17 months,” gets old after a while…)

We “celebrated” this milestone with (yup, you guessed it) a visit to the pediatrician. It was a relatively quick appointment since she didn’t have to get any vaccines. (Yesss!) E.V. was a clown throughout her entire visit, shouting at the fish in the waiting room tank, climbing up onto the examination table all on her own, running into other patients’ rooms to say hello and eventually deciding to pretend that it was night-night time while we waited for the doctor. (And, yes, she even sang herself the night-night song to help her get comfy for her fake nap.)

At the beginning of these scheduled check-ups, they have you fill out these developmental questionnaires to test your child’s skill level; it’s always an interesting process to me because some of the things seem so rudimentary and others I haven’t even tried doing with her. Overall, though, after almost five pages (!) of questions and some observations from the doctor herself, E.V. scored well above average in a few of the developmental categories–namely communication. (No surprise there!) When the test asked if she said at least eight words in addition to “mama” and “dada,” I about laughed out loud. My child? Eight words? Try eighty! In fact, our little chatterbox took the opportunity of having a new audience to show off her vocabulary, much to the delight of the attending nurse. :) Once the doctor showed me the results of the test, I couldn’t help but think of a totally ridiculous conversation Ryan and I once had about what E.V.’s Disney television show would be named if she had one. (I know, I know. Hey, after a dozen years together, your conversation topics are bound to get, um, creative.) We settled on “EMMA adVANCEd,” laughing at how perfectly her name lent itself to that cheesy title. I always imagined it involved her being some sort of robot or something, but, hey, after her test results today, who knows!?

Oh, yeah! The stats… Basically, she stayed in the same percentages as last time, although she is SLOWLY growing into her head size. (Whew.) Emma Vance is average height, a little chunky and has a giant head. She’s 31.75 inches tall (50th percentile), weighs 24 lbs. (70th percentile) and has a 48 cm head (90th percentile). Our next appointment isn’t until her two year check up (which seems soooo far away), and the doctor smiled and said, “Well, I guess the next time we’ll see you is with Baby #2.” Oh, gosh. She’s right! Ahhhh! :)


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