Emerson Jean at Amityville


That’s a hug–an unwanted hug. ;)

Over the past few years, it seems that our closest friends have all made a mass exodus from the Atlanta area for new and exciting adventures. It was bittersweet to say goodbye to everyone as they headed off to live luxuriously at the beach, on the West Coast, and in the big city–pretty much anywhere way¬†cooler than suburban Atlanta–but as for a silver lining, we’ve gotten some concentrated quality time with those friends as we’ve exchanged visits. Last night we had the joy of seeing our friends, the Engerts, and E.V.’s little friend, Emerson. The girls were born only two weeks apart, and although they couldn’t be more different (minus their shared love of rocking horses apparently), they’re bound to be lifelong friends despite the distance. As if they even have a choice!¬†Now if only we could get Emerson to accept Emma Vance’s hugs without cringing (ha!), we’ll be on the right track… :)



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