Emma Vance’s First Day of Preschool 2015 (Thrilling 3s!)

NO1_1807ev 2s class

We woke up this morning to the first chilly day of the year here in Georgia, and although I’m sure the temperatures will be short-lived, we soaked the coming of fall happily anyway. It was the perfect day for crisp air and a break from the sweltering heat because today was Emma Vance’s first day of preschool.

Our school has a gradual entry format, so E.V. had a short class¬†today, which another veteran mom referred to as “dropping them off and running…for a whole whopping hour,” haha! Regardless, E.V. had an awesome time at her first day of her 3s class, and as a bonus, Ryan was able to come with me to drop her off (dads always make things extra-special). This year E.V. will go to school Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, so we’re already ready for a full day tomorrow! (That is, our clothes are laid out, her bag is packed, and Cricket is ready to run errands with Mommy!) Now let’s just cross our fingers that the weather is just as nice on Day Two. ;)

Things of Note: This year, E.V. said she wants to be a unicorn when she grows up. Sounds like a solid career path to me. Also, I Sharpie-lettered the girls’ bags with their names because the past two years I have been branded as the irresponsible mom whose kid’s teachers have had to label their bags with a piece of masking tape.¬†Not this year, ladies! Not. This. Year. ;)

NO1_1803 NO1_1816 NO1_1823

(E.V.’s attempt at holding up a “3,” which takes a lot more hand/finger coordination than my preschooler can muster)


(Can you tell that she’s excited??)

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