Winding Down


Well, tomorrow Emma Vance heads back to preschool, and on Thursday Cricket will follow. Although I don’t feel like summer is official over quite yet (Thursday will be another story), we are definitely winding down over here.

Over the past weeks we’ve been trying to soak in every little ounce of freedom we can before heading back into the responsibility and busyness of the school year. We’ve been spending a lot of time playing in the air-conditioned indoors (destroying our playroom), splashing around the pool and hanging with friends.

We even ventured out to one of the two local libraries that opened this month, and, man, were we impressed! We knew that the Milton Library (in downtown Crabapple for you locals) was adorable on the outside since it looks like a giant barn (as a nod to the city’s equestrian heritage), but now we know that the inside is also a great mix of contemporary decor with a nod to farmhouse style. Plus, all the books are brand new, so opening each one was like Christmas morning! #nerdalert  The girls took over the kids’ section, tried unsuccessfully to get a library card (not ’til you’re five!) and had a blast while I read them exactly one million books. Needless to say, I see us spending a lot of time there in the near future.

As one of our final nods to the season, we also celebrated our friends Kensleigh and Mikah’s birthdays today at a splash pad. Clearly it was the best morning ever for my girls (water + cake), and my friend Kendall always does a smashing job with her birthday parties of course! The highlights were Mikah’s pushing Cricket down out of “love,” my girls sunbathing like teenagers (getting ready for SB2K30 already) and (of course) the cupcakes — which were, according to E.V., “Ariel blue.” ;) What a wonderful way to wind down summer!

Next, onto school schedules, pumpkin patches, hayrides and HALLOWEEN! YAY!

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