Fall Break (Student Teacher + Atlanta Botanical Gardens)

We’re on our way down to Orlando to visit my grandmother and Mickey because we’ve got a three-day weekend, which seems insane since we just had a full week off for Fall Break. Well, Emma Vance had a week off. Cricket’s school was still in session, and since Ryan had to work, we just stuck around town. E.V. reveled in her alone time with me while Cricket was in class, but the two big highlights of the week were definitely Emma Vance playing teacher and visiting the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Cricket’s teacher invited E.V. to prepare and teach a lesson since she “is a big girl,” and she LOVED it! I wouldn’t be surprised if she became a teacher one day. She decided to theme her lesson around rainbows, so she taught the three-year-olds how to draw a rainbow, instructed them how to say the colors in French (via a bizarro song they sing at her school called “Arc-en-Ciel/Rainbow” about a man with a wooden head who drinks mushroom juice), and experimented with Skittles to make a rainbow. She was in her element, and everyone loved Miss E.V.!

IMG_0731 IMG_0733 IMG_0735 IMG_0738IMG_0744 IMG_0760IMG_0763 IMG_0764

Friday we visited the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. It was so beautiful! Ryan’s friend gifted us a membership last Christmas, and I couldn’t be more obsessed! I mean, art + nature? Yes, please! The girls particularly liked “The Most Impressive Woman,” which they called Te Fiti. (Thanks, Moana!) And the big thrill of our visit was finding a tiger swallowtail caterpillar. He was strange and fascinating! (And, yes, I had to Google “caterpillar with large brown head and yellow tongue” to figure out what it was!) We can’t wait to go back.

IMG_0780 IMG_0802 IMG_0804 IMG_0811 IMG_0825 IMG_0829 IMG_0844 IMG_0852 IMG_0854 IMG_0855 IMG_0856 IMG_0865 IMG_0868 IMG_0873 IMG_0878 IMG_0908 IMG_0916 IMG_0923 IMG_0926 IMG_0936

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