Farmhouse in the City


Emma Vance has discovered her happy place, and its name is Farmhouse in the City.

(Seriously, how did I not know about this little gem that’s right around the corner from Amityville?!? Perhaps you other local mothers have been holding out on me? ;) )

This morning E.V., Cricket and I went to a Mommy & Me class at the cutest little place, Farmhouse in the City. (Some of her little preschool classmates were there, too, and it made for the most amazing playdate!) FITC is tucked away behind all the cute shops and restaurants of downtown Roswell, and its name is completely appropriate because when I pulled up, I thought, “Well, there it is–an unexpected farmhouse in the middle of a bustling city!”

The home has been converted to an artist’s and kid’s dream with casual-creative decor, lots of fun things to do (from toys to arts ‘n crafts) and real, live ANIMALS! E.V. is obsessed with animals, and today she got to pet a bunny, observe a snapping turtle, feed chickens and HOLD a big ol’ rabbit! It was her favorite. thing. ever. FITC holds open play hours, but this morning we attended a special hour-long class where E.V. met all the animals in person, painted a fall-inspired canvas, got her hand painted, and ran around, playing like the wild woman she is. To say that her heart was full by the end of our time there is an understatement. I’m pretty sure FITC is E.V.’s favorite place on earth. And maybe mine. :)

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