Firsts for Cricket (Game Day + Crawling)


Today marks Cricket’s first game day (YAY!), and, perhaps even more importantly, it marks the beginning of her mobility! I can’t believe I’m even typing this because my gosh I’m not ready for this stage yet, but, folks, we have a crawler!

Over the past month, Cricket’s been slowly working on her creeping. It started one day when I set her on the bed for some tummy time and watched as she creeped a few inches toward the edge. I immediately started screaming for Ryan, but as quickly as it happened it was over. (I’m pretty sure he thought I was exaggerating.) However, she practiced all month long, pushing and scooting her little heart out until finally she made some significant headway. As of yesterday, I can no longer deny that my baby isn’t growing up, and, in fact, over the past 24 hours she’s gained the ability to creep her way pretty much anywhere she wants. Right now she’s not crawling on her hands and knees; it’s more of an army crawl, which is totally different than how E.V. started. Cricket is only five months old and is creeping along, whereas E.V. was seven months and went straight to a true crawl. (I suppose that’s because she’s the second child and is eager to try and keep up with her big sister in any way she can!) Regardless of her age or method, though, she’s officially able to pursue toys that are out of arm’s reach. Things are about to get CRAZY around here!

This morning, in preparation for the day’s opening game, I dressed up the girls in their appropriate red+black, practiced a few UGA cheers with E.V., and set Cricket on the ground to get myself ready. By the time my shower was over, Cricket was no longer where I had left her, which took me by surprise. I looked across the room at my tiny infant, and when I called her name, she looked up at my with a big, silly grin. It was as if she was so proud of herself and her newfound skill, and I’m sure if she could’ve talked, she would’ve had some witty quip about the start of college football and of her stellar athletic abilities — and about giving Gurley a run for his money (or something like that). Ha!


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