Great Grandmas


Sometimes I think about where I am in life and I feel so confused — I’m a mom? I’m The Mom? As in, one day someone will be talking about how “my mom” did this or that and be referring to ME?!? It’s so strange because in my mind, I’m a kid, my mom’s The Mom and my grandmother is The Grandma, you know? I’ll never get past that, I don’t think. And, what’s even weirder (when I really consider it) is to realize that E.V. and Cricket will think of my mom (and Ryan’s) as The Grandma — and our grandmothers as The Great Grandmas.

I was trying to sort out all of these roles in my mind the other day because with Christmas comes family, and both my grandmother and Ryan’s have been leaving their marks on our holiday this year. We’re fortunate that Ryan’s grandmother (and grandfather) were willing to make the long drive from New York to Georgia to be with us this Christmas and to meet Cricket for the first time. Since Nana and Pop are staying nearby at Ryan’s mom’s house, the girls have gotten to spend some time getting to know them over the past week, and it has been amazing for the girls to have face-to-face interactions with Ryan’s grandparents. E.V.’s at the age where she’s actually starting to form memories, so we’re excited to have Nana and Pop around this holiday.

My grandmother is in Florida this Christmas, but her mark has definitely been a sweet one. ;) My grandma’s famous for sending out Christmas cookies each year, a package that everyone in my family eagerly awaits. (Seriously, she sends dozens of cookies and they last about, oh, two days.) This year she was running down the list of cookies over the phone with me (we were set to receive cowboy cookies and her famous chocolate chip cookies), and I made a special request for mouse cookies, which she hasn’t made in a few years (because we all apparently said they were too scary to eat, although I remember no such thing). So this year at the bottom of the tin was a special box just for E.V. full of mouse cookies, and she loved them! This was the first year that Emma Vance has been fully cognizant of the Christmas season, so it was extra special for her to share in the tradition of receiving Grandma Cookies — or rather, I suppose to her, Great Grandma Cookies!

Although I may never adjust to thinking of our grandmothers as great grandmothers, I suppose I can always reconcile that they’re both pretty great grandmothers, right? ;)

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