Winter Weather


Winter is such an odd time here in the South. The only consistent thing about our winter weather is that it’s unpredictable. Earlier this week I had bundled up the girls, expecting frigid winds during our backyard adventures, only to find that in the bright sunshine it was almost, well, warm. In December. A week before Christmas. Go figure. We unbundled ourselves, dug in the dirt, decorated the girls’ playhouse like it was spring and even discovered a fallen bird’s nest to explore. (E.V.’s recent obsession with “The Magic School Bus” made me the hero of the afternoon with that particularly science-y find!) And then, of course, today it was frigid and rainy and all too December-y . Go figure. Well, despite not being able to plan outfits ahead of time, as long as it feels like Christmas come next week, I suppose I won’t complain. ;)

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