Happy Birthday, Emma Vance! (Two Steps Forward)

Just a few days old! Sigh.

It seems impossible that I’m saying this, but today is E.V.’s first birthday! Yay! How is it that something so tiny, helpless and innocent as the small baby in these pictures could have become so curious, expressive and independent in just 12 short months? God is amazing.

As much as Ryan and I are excited to celebrate her little life today, Emma Vance seems equally jazzed–so much so that out of pure excitement this morning she took two big steps on her own! (Double yay!) We haven’t been able to get her to replicate her big accomplishment quite yet (I’m pretty sure my shouts of joy may have scared her off from walking ever again), but they were definitely two distinct, on-her-own, hands-free steps. What a big girl, today more than ever!

Here’s to a day full of celebrating 365 of the greatest, joy-filled days of our lives!


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