ISR Graduation (and Mom Swam, Too!)

Today was both a sad and joyous occasion. Over the past month we’ve spent our weekdays with Emma Vance in the pool, learning how to float from her Infant Swim Resource instructor, Ashlee. It’s become part of our daily routine, and E.V. loves the water (and Miss Ashlee). However, today was our last day, and E.V. has officially graduated from her swim lessons. My little lady can float!
Part of her final lesson included my learning how to practice with her–meaning it was time for me to get in the pool as well. (Seeing as how my poor body hasn’t seen the light of day since having a baby, I opted for the sun-protecting version of a “suit,” which I’m sure everyone appreciated. Ha!) Learning how to practice her floating was a little harder than I expected, and Ashlee joked, “Y’all thought I was just hanging out in here with them, right?” :) But after a few attempts, a few mouthfuls of water (for E.V.) and a few panicked moments (from me), I got the hang of it. Emma Vance tested out by floating on her own for what seemed like forever, although I’m sure it was probably only 60 seconds. She showed us how she could roll over (even after being dunked bum-over-noggin) and then she was officially a graduate! (She even got her first trophy, which says, “I can swim! Just watch me!” How cute is that?)
It’s hard to put into words a “goodbye” when you meet someone and they unexpectedly impact your life. A couple of months ago I thought I was just signing up for swim lessons and nothing more. However, four or so weeks later, as we said our goodbyes and thank yous to Ashlee, I couldn’t help but think of how she’s potentially saved our little girl’s life, and how, in the process, she’s loved so well on our baby. I’ve resolved that we haven’t said goodbye to her forever, just seasonally–because, hey, this little lady’s gotta’ learn how to swim-swim, too! :)
“Um, Dad? Why is Mom talking about getting in? This is my swim lesson!”

Our little monkey held on for dear life!

“Uh, guys? Is this right? No?…”


(Getting re-instructed…)

Her first trophy!

(I just loved this little expression Ryan caught on her face!)

“I graduated! And Miss Ashlee said I could keep the princesses!” (Wait a minute…)

Awww. Best picture all month!

So sad that it’s over. :(

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