Happy Valentine’s Day!


This Valentine’s Day was relatively quiet since Ryan and I celebrated this past weekend with our “MADly in Love” party. Today was mostly about the girls — handing out “homemade” valentines to their classmates (which I sketched and they colored on the iPad), enjoying a heart-themed preschool snack (give me ALL the holiday snack duties, future teachers, please) and rifling through the valentines they received from their friends (mostly to eat all the subsequent candy). E.V. even got a valentine from her current dream crush, a boy named Tripp who apparently has recently changed his mind and agreed to marry her (circa 2037 hopefully). Plus, this afternoon we got a special visit from Papadon, aka Grumpy Gramps, with flowers and chocolates {insert collective awww here}. He is enjoying the girls’ affections lately, forming a bond and inside jokes, and today was the perfect day to celebrate that loving relationship.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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