MADly in Love (A Valentine’s Day Party)


Valentine’s Day is kinda’…sorta’…well, to be frank, the worst. Ryan and I have never really been into the holiday, so we pretty much ignore February 14th every year. However, this year we decided to turn lemons into lemonade and host a Valentine’s Day party for our small group. We figured that a night in with our some of close couple friends couldn’t be all that bad. Plus, it totally gave the husbands in the group a get out of jail free card — Valentine’s plans without actually having to plan anything? Yes, please!

So we all pooled our resources and hired a chef (Lizzie from Homespun), and Ryan and I chose a theme. (Of COURSE we chose a theme; do you even know me at all??)  I call this our “MADly in Love” Valentine’s Day party; think of it as a Mad Men-esque, good old-fashioned (pun intended) 50s/60s era dinner party, complete with shrimp cocktail, jello, lots of gin and lots of winged eyeliner. Oh, and candy cigarettes to top it off! ;)

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