Sunday’s Seven 2017 (Wk 5)


30 / 365: Emma Vance is interested in photography, so I’ve been trying to help her — but the camera is too heavy for the poor thing to pick up, haha! This is her first portrait of me, unedited.


31 / 365: “Mama, can you read to me?” I’ve resigned to always say yes when asked to read to the girls, but a mom’s gotta have limits. ;) Oh, and never mind the half hour I spent organizing those books just before this happened.


32 / 365: Emma Vance was up all night with an ear ache, which makes for a sad morning, so we’re headed to the doctor after school.


33 / 365: Today’s performance includes a hula dance and a beach scene. #littleactresses #mommyaudience


34 / 365: A naked, chocolate-faced Bergen chasing a Princess Poppy troll, or so I’m told. (Cannot. Stop. Laughing.)


35 / 365: Frozen Friday with Papadon!


36 / 365: Cricket carefully paints a ceramic troll to look like her favorite princess, Poppy, at a birthday party.


37 / 365: Remember that time the Falcons won the Superbowl? Me neither. But I do remember the time we bought an EIGHT-FOOT sub!

I don’t even want to blog on last night’s Superbowl (Pooperbowl?), but here are some shots before #heartbreakATL.

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