House Tour: Emma Vance’s Room


Yay for house tours! I mean, if we (girls) are all suuuuper honest, aren’t we dying to know what each other’s homes look like? (No, just me?!?) I love how much you can tell about a person from the space they live in — what they like or dislike, what’s important to them, what they find beautiful, what feels like “home” to them. It’s probably the most accessible way to learn about a person beyond socializing with them, and aren’t we all soooo curious? Well, no shame here! Welcome voyeurs!

I thought I’d start with Emma Vance’s room because it’s the closest to done as anywhere in the house. Nowhere is 100%, which is why I tend to hesitate sharing pictures, but I’m always dreaming up or wanting to change something, so if I wait, then it’ll probably be a blog titled “We’re Moving Out” before I post pictures of our home, haha!

The thing I love most about E.V.’s room is the space, followed closely by the amount of light it gets. The builder wouldn’t let us convert her bathroom to a jack-n-jill with the hall bathroom, and so in an attempt to keep future teenage girls from fighting over who has their own bathroom or doesn’t, we opted to add one (and a closet), which covered up our two-story foyer. (Did I mention I’m TERRIFIED of two-story spaces in homes?) That meant we gained a bit of space in her actual bedroom where her original closet would’ve been, making for a big ol’ dance-able space for my wild child. We also added both windows on the far wall, which makes the room super sunny and happy!

The biggest challenge I found with E.V.’s room is that I wanted to be able to reuse her nursery items as much as possible to save money. I love her rug, so that had to stay, meaning that the color scheme was going to stay as well. Since aqua is my favorite color, I tend to use it a lot (oops), but unfortunately it’s not Ryan’s. When we moved into this new house, Ryan banished all traces of aqua from our master bedroom (which we haven’t even begun to decorate, btw), so a lot of our old pieces got recycled for Emma Vance’s big girl room (including her faux fireplace mantle). The bird’s eye maple dressers were mine growing up as well as my great grandmother, Mother Doris’s. (And you’ll notice they’re topped with all of E.V.’s favorite little trinkets she’s collected in her long four years of life, haha!) The only really big, new purchase was her bed from The Land of Nod. (How could I say no to an aqua Jenny Lind bed?)

As far as small decor, I wanted her nursery to have a small nod to birds since the inspiration for the colors came from a little nest, but didn’t want a bird theme per se. A couple years down the road now, we’ve added a few more aviary hints here and there, but I still don’t want to think of her room as having a bird motif. Now that all is (mostly) said and done, I think of it as Spring-y Feminine Vintage. That works I guess.


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