House Tour: Playroom

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Next stop on the House Tour…the playroom!

We always knew that the bedroom on our main level would be a place for the girls to enjoy. After three years dealing with a playroom in our living room, we were over it. We were in desperate need of somewhere to throw all the kid stuff, a place where they could play without interfering with grown-up life and where we could SHUT THE DOOR (and ignore the mess). I liked the decor from the play corner in our rental home, and so I really just expanded upon the existing items to fill a whole room when we moved. I added the gray play table, which moved around the room a bit before landing on that back wall. At first I placed it in the center of the room, but as the dancing, jumping and performing became more prevalent, we needed more area to move. I try to clean out the girls’ toys twice a year, but they always seem to overrun the space. The curtains were a splurge from PB Teen, but with gray walls we needed something to brighten up the space. My favorite thing by far, though, is the silhouette of the girls playing. I had purchased an awesome octagon frame for $8 forever ago and never quite found a place for it — until I dreamed up this beauty! I’m in love with how it turned out. One day waaaaaay down the road when the toys are no more and this room becomes a guest room for real, I think that will be the one piece that is permanent. ;)

As I look at these pictures, I have to admit that I cringe a little bit — there’s just so much stuff everywhere. It looks like every corner is stuffed to the brim because, well, it is! I have to remind myself that this house (and definitely this room) are to be used and loved, and that means giving the girls access to their toys to encourage play. I can organize and hide to my heart’s content, but that wouldn’t serve my kids. Overall, there’s a place for everything, but everything’s not always in its place. Right now we’re trying to teach the girls to clean up after themselves, but truthfully we’re just lucky if everything is picked up off the floor most days! ;) Like I said — a place where we can shut the door and ignore the mess! 
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