Triple Dipple Gipple (#ShoveGalsinOrlando)


As I tucked Emma Vance into bed tonight, she sleepily murmured, “Mom, I have to tell you something.”

“Yes?” I replied, thinking it was a simple stalling practice.

“I want to be at Great Grandma Vance’s right now,” she whispered through an exhausted yawn.

Me, too.

After a four-day stay with my grandmother, E.V.’s namesake (Mrs. Emma Mann Vance), I can’t blame her for wanting to go back — it was a dream vacation for our girls: pools, treats, snuggles, adventures…all things which make for lasting memories. (Ryan was busy with work, so my mom and I toted E.V. and Cricket down to Orlando for a long girls-only weekend, but we missed him dearly.) Although it was a blast, I’m too exhausted to recount each moment in a suitable way, so here are a few of our favorite memories in pictures:

The debut of “E.V.’s World-Famous Swim Show, complete with her unforgettable trick finale — the Triple Dipple Gipple! ” while swimming at the neighbor’s outdoor pool — complete with a rubber ducky audience.


The girls eating everything in plain sight — cookies and cupcakes and, oh, yeah, Jell-O! (You’d think I never feed them!)


And, well this sight just cracked me up…;)


A boat ride around Winter Park’s lakes…topped off with shopping + lunch + a koi pond!


Trying to catch one of the gazillion chameleons that live in Great Grandma Vance’s front yard and being unsuccessful. (Apparently they were too smart for our toddler traps, haha!)

NO1_8404 NO1_8406NO1_8408NO1_8423NO1_8430NO1_8411NO1_8414

Visiting with GGV’s friend, Lucy, from down the street and her dog, Lilly (who taught us it was okay to roll around in the lush Florida grass!)


NO1_8470NO1_8452NO1_8442NO1_8472 NO1_8476

Did I mention SWIMMING all day, every day? (Followed by warm-me-up snuggles, of course!)

NO1_8477 NO1_8482 NO1_8306NO1_8492 NO1_8514 NO1_8515

Tagging along to Great Grandma Vance’s standing Saturday hair appointment to get the girls’ “hair dressed” (as E.V. put it), complete with “baby donuts” for an accompanying breakfast ;)

NO1_8517 NO1_8519 NO1_8523 NO1_8537 NO1_8539 NO1_8546NO1_8555 NO1_8564NO1_8572NO1_8557NO1_8566

(The “dressed hair” lasted about, oh, two hours before it was swim time again…)

NO1_8582NO1_8606 NO1_8610NO1_8614 NO1_8622

“Mom, I love this tree.” #firsttreeclimbed

NO1_8633 NO1_8640
For me, my favorite part of our mini-vacation was simply visiting my grandmother’s house again. Grandparents’ homes are such an iconic thing, and like most grandparents’ decor, not much has changed in my grandma’s house since my childhood (or since 1968!) — which I love. It’s comforting to show up every year or two and know that there will always be that oh-so-70s yellow couch in the formal living room to sit on, that my 5th grade art will be hanging on the pantry door and that the statue of Bobo the Dalmatian will still be there in the corner. My grandfather’s old blue chair, which has sat in the living room since forever is finally so dilapidated that my mother convinced my grandmother to order a replacement while we were visited, which made me panic a little bit. Don’t change ANYTHING!  In case this new chair inspires my grandma to go all HGTV on me, I decided to take a few pictures of her home as I will always remember it.

Warning: These pictures will probably be boring to everyone except for me and maybe my brothers, but in hopes that you’ll keep scrolling — I promise the 60s foil wallpaper is worth it! ;)

NO1_8421 - Version 2NO1_8432 - Version 2NO1_8330NO1_8340 NO1_8343 NO1_8347NO1_8345NO1_8350NO1_8383NO1_8384NO1_8356NO1_8359 NO1_8360 NO1_8365NO1_8373 NO1_8375NO1_8390 NO1_8357NO1_8576 NO1_8590NO1_8579 NO1_8581NO1_8395NO1_8396

And, of course, I have to include Ryan’s all-time favorite picture of me, which hangs in the hallway outside the master bedroom ;) You’re welcome, Love!


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