Kitty + Amelia Fang (Book Character Parade 2019)

Our school encourages kids to dress up as “literary” (haha) characters for Halloween and hosts a parade for the parents each year…rain or shine.

I had a thought the other day as I lamented my desire to read, the stack of untouched books in my possession, and guilt about not being consistent: Does reading kids’ books count? (And, yes, I’m being serious.)

As I thought about it, I realized I actually read a LOT; it’s just not exactly the type of book I would choose for thirty-something myself. Emma Vance and Cricket are into chapter books nowadays, so most nights I spend time reading to them from some series or another, using “one more chapter” as bribery to get them to brush their teeth. (#momskillz)

Since we read a lot, and since I don’t want to get bored, I’m always seeking out new-to-us books. This October we discovered two new favorites — Kitty (about a young supergirl who discovers she can talk to cats) and Amelia Fang (about a little vampiress with a pet pumpkin named Squashy). Naturally, when it came to selecting their parade costumes, the girls had their two new favorite characters in mind…

Too bad when the it came to selecting today’s forecast, the weather had rain in mind. Boo.

Oh, well. So maybe this year’s Book Character Parade was indoors…inside a gym…filled with parents…and low lighting (haha). We’re still crossing fingers that the weather holds for trick-or-treating tonight, which is really what matters. ;)

Happy Halloween!

And the couple snaps in that oh-so-lovely fluorescent-yet-oddly-dim  gym lighting…;)

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