“Love Story” (Valentine’s Day Party 2019)

Truthfully, Valentine’s Day is one of my least favorite holidays. (Or, rather, it used to be.) I was fully in the “overrated” camp when it came to February 14th, but a few years ago Ryan and I decided to go against the grain and celebrate by throwing a fun Valentine’s Day party instead of feeling annoyed at the pressure to go to a restaurant, eat chocolates and buy roses. Now, three years later, it’s one of our favorite traditions! (Also, have I mentioned that I love to throw parties? Ha!)

This year’s theme was “Love Story,” which basically meant a night full of moody, melodramatic vibes. (Thankfully I was able to upcycle a ton of props from a styled shoot from last fall. #bonus) Also, be forewarned, I took about one million pictures of flowers because last year’s party (James Bond // “The Spy Who Loved Me”) called for exactly zero, and I enjoyed having a theme that screamed for florals finally.

I do have to say that as much as I love styling for this annual party, the best part is the people, my people. I love sitting around a big table with the close friends, laughing and telling stories and asking inappropriate questions. If being with the people you love is truly at the heart of Valentine’s Day, then this party (and this group) nails it. (And I know they love me, too, because they put up with my dressing up to match our theme each year, haha! That is true love and true friendship at its finest.)

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