Sunday Seven 2019 (Weeks 1-4)

1 / 365: We finally turned in our lemon of a car and picked out a new ride! (That’s supposed to be a “VW” Cricket’s throwing up, haha!)

2 / 365: Um, it’s kind of hard NOT to worry when you find a note like this. #dying (I asked her about it, and she giggled that she was imagining that she ran away like Pippi Longstocking. Whew.)

3 / 365: Sisters + Sunsets

4 / 365: No one is safe from Cricket’s magic.

5 / 365: The girls are very interested in learning to cook and bake for themselves, so we started with scrambled eggs. (And they’re doing great!)

6 / 365: We’re all working on our health, including what we’re eating. Although not all of us are fully on board, obviously. ;)

7 / 365: Did I mention the girls are learning to cook for themselves? Yeesh.

8 / 365: Wednesday baking with Miss Stephanie!

9 / 365: Emma Vance gets ready to perform for Parent Watch day at ballet.

10 / 365: As much as they love each other, E.V. always complains that Cricket is too clingy…and apparently too slobbery, too, haha!

11  / 365: January means dentist appointments (which the girls don’t mind because our dentist office is super cool).

12 / 365: Fell on her bum. Demanded ice. Made me laugh.

13 / 365: Quick game of Memory since it’s FREEEEZING out.

14 / 365: Emma Vance’s FIRST guitar lesson!!

15 / 365: Cricket’s jealous over E.V.’s homework, so she created her own. (“I have to write my ABCs for Miss Merry.”)

16 / 365: 100th Day of School!

17 / 365: Celebrating my big 3-6 by being the Mystery Reader at Cricket’s school.

18 / 365: A bit of light reading for the car ride to preschool. (And by “reading,” I mean she has this one memorized and pretends. And I have to act verrrry impressed. Of course.)

19 / 365: Nothing to see here, folks. Just another day at preschool. (I told her she looks like Marie Antoinette. She was not pleased.)

20 / 365: The girls made “kites” from strung-together pipe cleaners and plastic grocery bags (and they work!).

21 / 365: Once again, January = Dentist Appointments.

22 / 365: The school system preemptively cancelled school for impending snow…which never showed. So we’re lunching with our gal pals to celebrate!

23 / 365: Overseeing the cataloging of stuff for my mom’s Estate Sale…two and half years later. (And I’m keeping this gem of a coat, clearly!)

24 / 365: Ballet baby!

25 / 365: Daddy Day at preschool is coming up and they needed a picture for a craft…sigh. I love these two (+ E.V.).

26 / 365: Evening at the Engerts with play dough.

27 / 365: “Now I know my ABCs.” I will miss this sweet, scrawled, wonky handwriting one day.

28 / 365: My little musician!

29 / 365: Prepping for our annual Valentine’s Day party with some recycled decor from a shoot. #winwin

30 / 365: Carting around the neighborhood with the local #girlgang (and Cricket looks terrified, haha!).

31 / 365: E.V.’s school is celebrating Black History Month with a dress-up day with traditional African colors (red, black, green, gold).

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