Making Friends (and Cookies)

Three lovely ladies, playing so nicely…

This morning we babysat the Adkins girls, Hallie and Merci, and although they were a bit too old for Emma Vance to have a proper play date with, we still considered it one since all kids, no matter what age (including big kids like myself), enjoy the same things–toys, getting messy and fun.

I, of course, was pumped at the prospect of having some sort of craft project to keep their little hands busy and entertained, but after scoping out what materials I had on-hand, I decided to go with a universal crowd-pleaser: baking chocolate chip cookies. (Too bad I gave up wheat for Lent!) Merci was a bit sad to have Matt and Andrea leave her, but the chance to measure sugar and pour out chocolate chips and M&Ms was enough to get her spirits up. Hallie was a typical big sister, showing Merci how to do things “right” and playing assistant to Ryan and me as we instructed them on how to bake. E.V. was napping when the girls arrived, but awoke just as the cookies came out of the oven (smart timing!), joining us for lunch. The three girls played after we ate, looking at books, digging through all the toys, and occasionally running over to the TV to check in on the Disney Channel. We have a few oversized stuffed animals amongst our toy collection, and they were the clear “favorites” for playtime today. These two sisters are so sweet and well-behaved; it was a joy having them around for the morning and made me eager for E.V. to be a kid herself.

We tried to stay awake to greet the Adkins, but one bottle and she was done for!
Ryan was so patient and good with the girls while baking. :)
The apron only lasted about halfway through baking…oh, well!
The reward!
E.V. awoke to a full house, and the girls were eager to share her own toys with her. :)
Emma Vance was WAY more interested in the big girls’ food than her own.
These two dogs were Hallie’s favorites today. She’d cry, “I’m so strong!”
over and over while carrying around the dalmatian.
Someone found a bow in the toy bin and thought E.V’s mullet
needed some fancying up. Maybe not a good look for her? :)
So Mom fixed it. :)
What a sweet kiss!
As playtime wound down and I surveyed the damage, I found these guys
propped up, ready to eat. How do you tell two imaginative little girls
that stuffed dogs don’t eat real dog food?
I can’t wait to have days like today everyday as Emma Vance gets older. Hearing the two girls talk back and forth, playing and dreaming without care for anyone else who could hear them, was like getting a glimpse into a kid’s imagination, and I can only hope that E.V. is as creative, kind and wonderful as Hallie and Merci one day.
And now I need a nap… :)

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