Separation Anxiety

So happy when Mom’s around…

I remember reading in one of my recent Baby Center emails that Emma Vance was at the age where I should expect some separation anxiety and thinking, “Really? She’s happy as a clam to be on her own.”

(I spoke too soon.)

It happened about a week ago, totally out of the blue. It was E.V.’s afternoon nap time, and as I set her down she began to fussy (which is not unusual). When I left the room, though, she lost it. Standing up and leaning over the side rail, she screamed in a panicked tone, crying out “mama” over and over. I waited a few minutes before going back in, and when I picked her up, she still screamed in my ear while grasping onto me for dear life. She wiped away her own tears with her chubby little hand, her nose running and her eyes red and swollen. It was heartbreaking! I couldn’t let go of her without her having an attack, so I held her to sleep for that nap. It happened so randomly that it seems as if overnight she developed a bit of separation anxiety. Boo.

In general she’s been fine, but for the over the past couple weeks she’s had two really bad episodes and has occasionally been unwilling to play alone. Now that she’s crawling around, she follows me from room to room, always at my heels, trying to pull herself up on my legs. I find both joy and suffocation in this need to be around me all the time. (Ha!)

These separation anxiety attacks are completely unpredictable, completely saddening and completely incurable save for holding her tightly until she stops. I’m currently looking for ways to combat it–because if this continues to get worse, I may NEVER send her to school! :(

I don’t want to leave this precious face either! :)

“Where are you going, Mom? Can I come, too?”

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