Meeting Mr. Potato Head (The First Day of School)



Mothers everywhere a cheering down the aisles of Target and into their glasses of wine everywhere because {drumroll please} SCHOOL’S IN! Yay!

Today was Emma Vance’s first day of preschool in the 2s class, and for the next nine months she and 11 of her little toddler friends will spend two whole days a week together. (YAY!) E.V. is such an independent kid that I never have to worry about separation anxiety, but because she is so young, her school does a gradual entry, meaning that this week the kids go for short days — and for the very first day today, parents got to tag along, which I (of course) loved!

Last year in her 1s class, the first day was filled mostly with toys and climbing, but this year the stakes have been raised and the kids are trusted with much more grown-up things like painting and sensory activities and frogs (yes, they have real, live frogs!). Emma Vance walked around like she owned the place, acting like a little teenager whose mother was cramping her style. (Already?!? Not. Fair. I’m supposed to have another decade of her admiration before she gets to be embarrassed by me!) I would say that in addition to all the fun things she did that she also met all sorts of new friends, but by chance everyone in her gradual entry group was from last year! So there were no new friends made today…unless you count her new favorite friend, Mr. Potato Head. I mean, let’s not forget that universally-loved guy! Today Mr. PH had a WHOLE STATION devoted to selecting his first day of school outfit, and E.V. was thrilled to help him in that decision. I mean, she loved him so much that not only is he her new BFF, but I’m pretty sure that he went straight to the top of her Christmas list. (Are you taking notes, Santa???) The only thing that drew her away once she discovered him was snack, which, let’s be honest, is her most favorite activity of all. (And, in true-to-form fashion, E.V. asked for seconds…and thirds…and then some.)

Overall today was a beaming success, and I can. not. wait. until next week when real school starts and I have two mornings off each week to myself…or, rather, to ourselves since my sidekick, Cricket, will be with me. But, hey, after having to tango with two kids on a daily basis, just having the baby is a piece of cake! Can I get an AMEN???

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