NO1_0043Who doesn’t love donuts? Seriously, a good donut can totally make your day instantly better. Around my part of town, we’re a short on good breakfast spots (for donuts specifically, you’re looking at either Dunkin or Krispie Creme), and so when we saw a new donut shop under construction down the road, Ryan and I were pumped. {insert windmill high five followed by simultaneous running-man dances}

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous in this neck of the woods, and so we decided to check out the newly-opened Da Vinci’s Donuts in downtown Alpharetta. Emma Vance hasn’t ever had a donut (I don’t think…), so to convince her to abandon Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and get into the car, Ryan and I had to bait her with, “E.V., let’s go get cake!” (which got our little lady to ditch Disney faster than you can imagine — that sweet tooth is T-R-O-U-B-L-E, folks!). The doors were open, the sun was shining and, most importantly, the donuts were delicious. The concept is pretty simple — plain, cake donuts with a bajillion topping options. We hemmed and hawed over what toppings to add to create our signature donuts, and finally gave in and just got a “dozen” (16 in Da Vinci’s terms) of their gourmet flavors. Mmmm. Of course Emma Vance dove into the sprinkled ones happily, Ryan drooled over the maple-bacon and I indulged in the Boston cream. You know the donuts are GOOD when our tiny toddler ate almost three on her own! I opted to take bites of most of them (research for future visits, of course), and although we restrained enough to actually bring some home with us, they were gone within 24 hours or so. :/

This donut shop is bad news, people. Bad. News. ;) My baby weight is not happy about this new development. (Why, oh, why couldn’t they have opened while I was pregnant and had a valid excuse to eat there. Every. Single. Day.?)

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