Moccs, Not Socks (The Kims’ Birthday Party!)


Every year for the rest of our friendship, Kensleigh (and now her little brother, Mikah’s) birthday party will be significant for us — not only because it’s a fun celebration, but also because it was Emma Vance’s first big social event as a baby. Now it’s a point of comparison for me; I’ll always remember what E.V. looked like every year at Kensleigh’s birthday. ;)

This year the Kim kids had a joint party at Catch Air (read: indoor playground for kids and adults alike). It was in the late afternoon, and so to wake E.V. up from her nap, I tried rousing my sleepy toddler by saying, “E.V., would you like to see your friend Kensleigh?” {no response}

“E.V., would you like to go to a party?” {silence}

“E.V., would you like to EAT CAKE?” {my child jumps up and shouts “YES!!!”}

Indoor playgrounds are amazing for birthday parties in my opinion: foam-covered everything, a no-escape gate and kid-exhausting activities. (Score!) Today’s party, then, did not disappoint, and an “Our Little Monsters” theme was appropriate (based on the way E.V. acted, of course). Man, our girl goes craaaazy for a no-holds-barred play space! My only (small) issue is the socks-only rule. It’s a little yucky to me (albeit better than naked Kmart kid feet everywhere), so today we decided to test the system. I wanted to see if they’d say anything if I sent E.V. around in her moccasins. (Moccs are a little more shoe-like but really are only meant to be worn indoors. Plus I just got E.V. and Cricket matching pairs, soooo…how could I resist? I mean, really.) Surprisingly the teen workers really didn’t care (shocking, I know), and so E.V. was all moccs and I was all smiles — until Ryan realized how sweaty our wild child was getting. Let’s just say I was glad to have back-up socks in my bag of tricks. Yuck. So maybe the Catch Air franchisers know what they’re doing after all, haha!

To sum our afternoon up — E.V. slid and climbed and laughed and danced with Elmo and a Minion…and ate cake. Lots of cake. :)

I’ll let the party-thrower, my dear friend Kendall, fill you guys in on the details via her blog and just put up a few party pictures focusing mostly on Emma Vance — and the moccs. Mostly. ;)

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