National Running Day

I get to sweat and suffer, and she gets toys and puffs! Go figure! :)

I have a love-hate relationship with running. I dread every moment of running–until it’s over. Then I feel like a badass and like I can relax, having put a checkmark next to “get up a MOVE” on my mental to-do list. Plus, evening walks are E.V.’s favorite part of the day. Babies need a mental break from the day’s stresses, too! :)

I must admit, however, that due to a variety of excuses that I won’t bore you with, lately I’ve been lax in my workouts and even in my usually-daily walks with Emma Vance. Exercise is totally a momentum-based thing for me, so I’m always looking for motivation. Since today was National Running Day, TA-DA! Instant motivation!

Tonight E.V. and I broke out of our couch-potato-ness and took to the open road again, getting back on the proverbial track. We ran around for a while, looking at bunnies and squirrels, waving at neighbors, nodding to the mailman, and, yes, even stopping for a moment to visit with a little girl that E.V. yelled “HEY! HEY! HEY!” to over and over until I paused to let her introduce herself properly. :) As we walked ourselves home and cooled down, a summer thunderstorm rolled in, and I felt so content. (THAT’s what running is about!)

Oh, yeah, I also felt TIRED. (That’s ALSO what running is about!)

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