No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn (Carley)

Future besties? Crossing fingers…
Emma Vance and I braved the tornadoes this morning to meet up with Scotty and Brooklyn (who’s six months older than E.V.). Scotty and I have been lunching at La Madeleine ever since our high school days back in East Cobb, and it’s extra special now that we’re able to include our girls in that tradition. I love that one day we’ll look back at these pictures (on their graduation days perhaps?) and see “where it all began.”
With La Mad being a little closer to Scotty’s corner of the world and traffic being extremely unpredictable (especially with inclement weather), we left extra early this morning, meaning we got to the restaurant extra early (considering no one was out and about today). We used the time to have a bottle and some Baby Mum Mums…yum! 
I can’t believe she’s already eating like a big girl. Time flies!
She hearts Mum Mums.

(So do I!)
(Can you call it a “selfie” if someone else is in the pic? :) )
Then the Carley girls arrived, and as Scotty was grabbing our lunches, our little ladies hung out for a bit, you know, just catching up and stuff. :) Brooklyn really is a big girl, so E.V. had a hard time playing it cool around her. 
“Mom, do I have to play with the baby?”
Emma Vance said “hi” with a wave…
Scotty’s attempts to get Brooklyn to smile worked…on E.V.!
(Apparently E.V. really thought Scotty was hilarious…)
Brooklyn: “See, I’ve got this finger here, and I can grab stuff with it…”
E.V.: “Whoa. And I thought fingers were just for scratching!”
(This is indicative of most of what occurred; E.V. jumping with joy while Brooklyn was a play-it-cool big kid.
Hey, my girl can’t hide her emotions!)
Enter Sofie la Girafe…
(Sofie appreciated Emma Vance’s energy!)


Finally Brooklyn wants to play…with E.V.’s glitter shirt. I can’t blame her!

Toward the end of lunch, it was closing in on nap time, so E.V. started laying down her head on the table…actually “into the table” is more accurate, which signaled it was time to go home. After we left, the tornado warnings were getting scary, so we rushed back to Alpharetta to be with Ryan and the dogs. I was too afraid to put Emma Vance down for a nap in her nursery upstairs but not so concerned as to hole up in the basement for a few hours. The result? A confused baby who assumed that it was playtime, not nap time, since we were hanging out in the living room. So she giggled and played (with Oscar) and had quite a fun time during a usually restful time of day. A full two hours after her nap was supposed to begin, I gave up and put her in her crib…and she slept for a loooong time. I suppose lunch with Brooklyn wore her out gooood. We heart the Carleys!

Emma Vance playing with Oscar…
…and by “playing” I mean eating his fur. Geez.

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