Snuffles + Snuggles

Sick day with Dad…

Sometimes the sweetest moments, like this one where Emma Vance “helped” Ryan with his video editing, can be so rewarding and precious…

Babies make the best child laborers. :)
…and sometimes they end up spreading germs. Two Shoves down, one to go. Ryan and E.V. are stuffy and runny, and me–well, I’m just trying to avoid the stuff and run away from germs! Today I feel like a man on death row; the spread of sickness is seemingly inevitable, and so now I wait…and worry…and convince myself that I can fend off germs with Emergen-C and sheer will power. Crossing fingers and staying away…well, kind of. Could you pass up being near these guys? (I didn’t think so.)

The consequences of being close when one of you is an incubator for germs?

Snuffles and snuggles in bed!

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