Olive’s Birthday


6 / 365: Emma Vance jumps over a mud hole while we celebrate Olive’s birthday at our local dog park.

We celebrated our dog, Olive’s, NINTH birthday this week! I can’t believe that the chubby, sassy little runt who slept in my lap for hours while bringing her home for the first time is nearly a decade old!

The girls LOVE Olive (they fought over who got to hold her leash today), and although Olive’s not lovey-dovey toward them, we know that deep down she loves those girls fiercely. (She just prefers not to be trampled on, messed with or dressed up — and I can’t blame her, haha!) Today the whole family was able to steal an hour to spend celebrating Ollie, so we thought it was only fitting to take her to our local dog park to run and fetch and play (in the freeeeezing cold!). We all had a blast — and,of course, we even stood around Olive and sang “Happy Birthday” to make it official. (Yes, we are that crazy.) ;)

Happy birthday, Olive!

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