Pinterest Fail: Easter Peep Houses


I’ve had a lot of people tell me how they think I’m “so crafty.” True, I do enjoy art and making pretty things, but I have to be honest — I’m definitely not without my own Pinterest fails.

Take for example, the idea of doing kid-friendly,  Easter-themed Peeps “gingerbread houses” that my dear friend ran across online. It sounded like an amazingly simple and fun playdate idea — and maybe we were just not the girls to pull it off — but as you can see below, we ended up with wonky houses (and that’s being nice). E.V. even dropped hers on the table, which would’ve been disappointing — if it had looked even halfway decent before falling. ;) In the end, the girls really just wanted to eat sprinkles and chocolate chips (which they did), so the playdate wasn’t a total failure. Plus, if you’re going to fail (and fail GRANDLY), it might as well be with people you love to laugh with, right? ;) And laugh we did…

(P.S. Based on this first (pre-Peeps house predicament) picture, can you tell that Emma Vance loves playdates (and other kids’ toys)? Ha!)

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