PJ Day + Santa 2015



We’re knocking things off our Christmas To-Do List around here, one by one. Today we marked “Wear Christmas PJs in Public” off the list since it was Pajama Day at Emma Vance’s school. The festive theme was made even more special by the surprise of having hot chocolate, although E.V. was more excited that they got to use “mud” (clay) in art class than anything else about the day. Apparently she made me a “forest with rocks and trees.” I can’t wait to see it. Since E.V. was in her pajamas, Cricket played along too, although she didn’t want her picture taken. But I took it anyway. ;)

Today we also crossed “Visit Santa” off our list. Emma Vance has been talking about seeing Santa like crazy lately, and when I told her we were going this evening, she was pumped. Well, truthfully I didn’t actually start off by telling her who we were seeing, thinking she’d be able to guess easily. The post-nap conversation went something like:

Me: E.V., guess who we’re going to see tonight!

E.V.: WHO???

Me: Well, who is an old guy who wears a red suit and has a white beard?

E.V.: Papadon! (My dad.)

Ummm…no. Santa. But good try, kid.

When I told her it was actually Santa that we were going to see, E.V. was so excited that she and Cricket immediately ran to the playroom to put together a picnic tea party to take to him. (And, yes, they made me drag that teapot along with us while we waited and then totally forgot about it. Go figure.)

There were little snafus along the way — Ryan’s work ran late; Emma Vance’s dress didn’t arrive on time to coordinate with Cricket’s; the wait was two hours long; Cricket pooped right before she was set to meet the big guy. Being pros at this whole parenting thing (haha), we dealt with each challenge easily — Ryan met us there; E.V. wore an alternate dress; we ate a time-occupying dinner to pass the two hours quickly; Cricket got a quick diaper change. Finally we were ready to meet Santa, Emma Vance more than anyone. You could just see the excitement in her eyes as we got ready to enter his house; it was one of sheer joy and anticipation. (You know what’s coming next.) Too bad that look quickly turned into bashful fear as soon as it was our turn. Noooo!

Fast forward a bit past the prodding and pleading and encouraging, and Ryan and I are flanking Santa while holding the girls, taking a family picture with the big guy. E.V.’s whispering to me to please tell Santa that she wants “ice cream Play Doh” (which, yes, she’s getting), and Cricket’s just chanting “Elmo” repeatedly amongst the commotion, hoping he hears her wish. It always cracks me up how terrified children get of something they want to badly. I’m sure there’s some sort of deeper, spiritual lesson in that notion, but for now I’m too busy laughing at the fact that at 32 years of age I had my photograph taken with Santa. It was a visit to remember, for sure, and thankfully we have the pictures to prove it. ;)

Now onto all those other To-Dos before next week. (Eek! I am not ready yet.)

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  1. Pauline Kuulei Young
    December 17, 2015 / 4:18 am

    Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures of you guys and of course the gorls

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