Preschool Easter Party 2015 (and a Pinterest Win!)


Before I leave all of our 2015 Easter memories in the past, I have to share these pictures from E.V.’s preschool party last week. Because Cricket was born in late March, I missed Emma Vance’s Easter party last year, so I was extra excited to be able to attend this year! I was put on the Food Committee, and after my most recent Easter Pinterest fail, I was bound to not add another sad craft to my list of “Don’ts.” In an effort to fail-proof my party duties, I came up with the world’s easiest bunny cupcakes and chick corn muffins (for the healthier moms to choose, haha!), and I think they turned out pretty cute! Well, at least the kids ate them, so I suppose that’s what really counts, right?!? ;)

Anyway, here’s a little visual recap of what a party for a dozen two- and three-year olds looks like — complete with an egg hunt (despite cloudy skies and sprinkling rain), a yummy spring snack, an appropriate bunny-themed craft…and story time with Ryan Shove. Hahaha!

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