Birthday Ballerina + Blessings

I have about ONE MILLION things to update on, but instead of feeling overwhelmed about catching up, I’m just going to start somewhere. Since we’ve been to TEN toddler parties in the past month, I figure “birthdays” is a good place to start.

First, we went to the sweetest ballerina-themed third birthday party this weekend. My friends always throw the cutest bashes, and this one was adorable! I must admit that I’m a total sucker for a theme, so of course E.V. had to get “into character” for this party. Too bad she ended up looking like the Black Swan of the group, haha! Oh, well! I should’ve predicted that toddlers + ballerina birthday = pink, not BLACK. I love her tutu, though, so forgive me of the bajillion pictures of her in it! Seriously, sometimes I manage to crack myself up. ;)

Also, this week Emma Vance’s preschool celebrated Birthday Blessings for summer babies at their bi-weekly chapel service. Cricket and I stuck around to watch, and, man, are the kids so cute singing simple worship songs! I about died of adoration. I also about died when I realized the Birthday Blessings meant my wild toddler would have to kneel at the stage for a few minutes patiently. Surely she won’t make it a whole five minutes without wriggling and wiggling! But I suppose peer pressure can be a positive thing, because E.V. was a little angel! (Pun intended.)

Now onto our remaining birthday parties of the season!

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