Recycling is Fun


One of our New Year’s Resolutions here at Amityville is to recycle more. (More details to come on that particular subject once I get to writing my slew of January posts.) In prepping for this particular 2014 goal, I ran across my stash of Similac containers, which reminded me of my original intent in keeping them. :) (And, no, I’m not a hoarder, despite the bags and bags of glass jars stacked in my garage; I’m just always aware of how useful “things” might be on a rainy-day…) To Emma Vance’s delight, I decided it was time to put the pile of formula boxes to good use, meaning she woke up to a tower of oversized “blocks” after her nap yesterday.

I’m always amazed at how the simplest (and least expensive!) things can be the most entertaining to a child, and these up-cycled “blocks” were a great reminder of that fact. I know Ryan thought I was super c-r-a-z-y while I stowed away empty Similac containers over the past year, but I had a vision of what they could be one day, which justified my hoarder-like behavior. And I do have to say, the amount of joy that it brought E.V. to knock them over, stack them up and (ahem) hide things within them was worth the effort. Since they’re so bulky, they’ll have a few days of fun in her playspace and then we’ll store them in the basement for a truly rainy day, but yesterday’s exercise in repurposing “trash” felt like a small triumph to me toward our 2014 recycling goal. We can do this!


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