Season’s Greeting (Cards)!


Every year we KNOW it’s coming. The date doesn’t change. The need is always there. But somehow, somehow, every year we procrastinate taking a family picture for our Christmas cards. This year was no different, and I’m afraid we’ll never wise(men) up.

The problem this year wasn’t that we didn’t think about our card in advance; it was that Ryan Shove is a dreamer (which I love about him). He set his sights high this year when we talked about what we wanted to do for our annual picture, and after much talking, researching and attempting, I just couldn’t make his vision a reality. (I won’t mention the specifics because he insists that even though his idea didn’t work this year, it’ll come to fruition next year…after a whole year’s worth of planning. By  yours truly. Ahem.) So in a bit of a panic, I threw my figurative arms up in the air, dressed the girls in their outfits and trudged our to a local park for a quick picture. In the world of being a mom, sometimes “done” is the same as “perfect,” right? (When it comes to getting Christmas cards out, it’s definitely the same thing.) Thus, dear friends, if Ryan and I seem mysteriously absent from our Christmas card this year…well, now you know why. ;)

So all of our friends and family, Merry Christmas and Season’s Greetings! (And, enjoy our outtakes, haha!)

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